we pride ourselves on creating an intimate setting where getting to know each other is our utmost priority.

in case you haven’t gathered, we also serve fine adult beverages. we’ll do our best to make you any drink you fancy, provided we have the required elements to do so. we’ve also been known to carry certain items upon request. Hey, never hurts to ask.


take a look around.

All of the woodwork - the bar tops, tables and shelving are reclaimed wood that have been hand crafted by the proprietor himself. That’s a lot of love.


get comfortable.

This is our home, and We’d love for it to be yours too. We only ask that you conduct yourselves like the ladies and gentlemen that we know you are.


let’s be friends.

Family is the life blood here, so grab a pint and get to know yourneighbors. There is plenty of family you have yet to meet.